Rupert Hofmann

Photo by Paulo V. Santos.

About me

“I’m looking for intensive encounter, playful learning, moments of flow and tailored outcomes.”

Rupert Hofmann works for Audi Business Innovation and is an observational draftsman. He studied at Munich Academy of Fine Arts, Passau University, Columbia University in New York City and at Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil. In his PhD he developed the Trend Receiver concept, a novel qualitative method that combines insight and foresight research and contributes to vision finding, long-term decisions and brand and product development. As part of his foresight work for Audi he has started the cross-industry platform Foresight Academy . Rupert’s interest in people and their environment, behavior and motives also drives his observational drawings of people, street situations, malls, stores, offices, beaches and bars.

Photo by Sebastian Haury.


drawing series:

Sometimes we sit and look and enjoy the place where we are. And partly we focus at our digital devices. As I’ve always been fascinated by picture-in-picture images I started the “site + sites“ drawing series.

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connection to Brazil

Brazil feels like a second home to me since I have been living in Barra Mansa, state of Rio de Janeiro, for a year and a half for a social-practical service time after school.